This blog is about therapy. That is, the possibility of living a better life, more open, satisfied, peaceful, loving. Much of the suffering and discomfort in our world comes from within us, from our interpretations of what happens in our lives, and not from what actually happens. There are indeed situations in which to reduce suffering new action is required. In these cases – simply act. In all the rest, therapy helps. Therapy can be anything that allows us to relax the hold on our fixed interpretations, that aids in the release of the grip on mental patterns that lead to suffering.

Therapy may seem to some people like a strange concept, but it is actually quite ordinary. Everything we do can be therapeutic. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the sounds we choose to hear – all of these can have a healing effect. The Tibetan doctor Dr. Akung Tolko Rinpoche wrote that therapy for the psyche is required today as many have lost the simple connection to their lives, their emotions, their bodies. Our society has become extremely complex. Therapy is not something for the sick and therefore there is no reason to be ashamed of being interested in it. It can help all of us live a more balanced, efficient, and fulfilling life.

Mental therapy is usually done in two. The encounter relaxes and heals. Inspiration from people who have dedicated their lives to this process can also help. I will present here ideas and thoughts from the psychoanalytic tradition of psychotherapy as well as from other traditions.

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The blog is written by Gideon Lev, PhD, a clinical psychologist and philosopher, who investigates the history and philosophy of psychoanalysis, writes on the subject and teaches it in various institutions.

Head photo: Basmat Klein.